2007-2021 CBR600RR Velocity Stacks

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These are Custom Velocity Stacks made to replace the restrictive factory velocity stacks. These are designed, tested on our Dyno, and manufactured all in house. We have seen up to 8WHP peak gains and up to 12+whp at 14,500 RPMs

Bike used in testing was a 2021 CBR600RR with a slip on

07-12 bikes will have lower gains because their stacks are not limited just not optimized. 
07-12 we see a peak of 2-3whp and 5whp past 14.5k rpms

**Dyno graph is stock stacks vs custom stacks and tuning**

**We recommend custom tuning with all of our stacks** 

**Velocity Stacks are made to order. We will contact you after purchase but they have a 2-3 business day lead time**